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At MHC we assist companies not only realize value for their occupational health and safety expenditure, but we also assist companies to go beyond legal compliance. We assist companies to create working environments that are healthy and safe for their employees and strive to add value so that it also reflects on the company’s balance sheet. We are a solutions and client centric company that provides tailor made services to our clients

Masobode Health Consultants offers the following services: Health Impact Assessments, Occupational Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Health Risk Assessments, Occupational Hygiene Advisory Services and Public Health Research

Health Impact Assessments

We conduct health impact assessments mainly for the mining industry in line with the International Council on Mining and Metals good practice guidelines. We recognise how mining and metals operations can affect the health and wellbeing of local communities and that conducting health impact assessments to ensure the proper assessment and management of community health, safety and wellbeing impacts is increasingly considered part of the risk management and social responsibility of mining and metals operators. According to the ICMM “When carrying out an initial assessment of health-related risks at a site associated with a new project or a major modification, prior to closure of an existing project or prior to mine or operation closure, it is important to consider the health impacts on the local community and wider society.” It is thus important for companies in mining and metals to ensure that health impacts assessments form part of their specialist studies and drive key decisions relating to social responsibility plans, environmental management plans, mine closure plans, and occupational hygiene programmes.

Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the process of estimating the potential impact of a chemical, physical, microbiological or psychosocial hazard on a specified human population or ecological system under a specific set of conditions and for a certain time frame. The scope of environmental health risk assessment (EHRA) can cover health impacts of: chemical pollutants and contaminants in air, water, soil and food, pathogenic microbiological contaminants in food and water, radiation sources, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), climate and climate change. We offer such services through collaborations with our partners and ensure that our clients receive the best services coupled with sustainable, cost-effective solutions. It is important to note the following as shared by the AIHA, A Strategy for Assessing and Managing Occupational Exposures, Third Edition, 2006. “For the industrial hygienist, exposure assessment and risk assessment are inextricably mixed such that they cannot be reasonably separated. Consider the following relationship between health risk and exposure: Health Risk = (Exposure)(Toxicity)

Occupational Hygiene Advisory Services

Most companies do not have and cannot afford in house Occupational Hygienists and often struggle to make sense of the data presented in occupational hygiene reports. Our Occupational Hygiene Advisory services are tailor-made to suit company needs and budgets. They are value driven as opposed to price driven and help companies prioritize what surveys need to be conducted and thus making decision making and budgeting easier. We also offer advice on audit findings, statistical analysis, big data analytics, predictive analytics and collaborate with various Approved Inspection Authorities to ensure that companies comply with the minimum legal requirements of the OHS Act, Act 85 of 1993 and its Regulations.

Public Health Research

We conduct research for the private, public and social sectors. Our work helps our clients realize their goals and perform at the highest level. We provide data and scientifically sound information to Directors, CEOs, Managers and various business leaders to facilitate decision making, improve organizational learning, promote continuous learning and adaptation.

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