About Us

Masobode Health Consultants Pty Ltd is a Public Health consulting firm which specializes in environmental and occupational health specialist studies such as Health Impact Assessments, Occupational Health Risk Assessments (OHRA), as well as Occupational/Industrial Hygiene advisory services. We conduct these studies in isolation or as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), of Mining Right Applications, mine closure certificate applications, community complains, litigation cases, public health awareness campaigns or research. We pride ourselves with our ability to partner with our clients in creating and finding solutions to their occupational and environmental health challenges. Our ability to work across the private, public and social sectors creating solutions that make sense and matter to our clients as well as meet their demands and budgets. Masobode Health Consultants is the only consulting firm in South Africa that provides occupational and environmental health specialist studies using a collaborative model which relies on bringing in subject matter experts on specific projects and devising solutions for our clients that speak to their needs, challenges and bottom line. It is also one of the few independent firms dedicated to public health research which also offers our clients boutique services such as occupational hygiene data analysis We pride ourselves with providing sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our consultants and network of partners consists of ecologists, engineers, doctors, environmentalists, sociologists, occupational/industrial hygienists, toxicologists, occupational epidemiologists, occupational health nurses, and business leaders.
We assist companies with providing a business case for their occupational health programmes and ensure that their programmes achieve their intended outcomes and impact while ensuring programme effectiveness and efficiency. We assist companies to reduce the costs of occupational diseases, protect worker health, ensure zero harm, and reduce occupational health and hygiene related audit findings and to close audit actions while ensuring continuous improvement of their systems and programmes. We are propelled by the challenges of health inequity, poverty and inequality that our country and the African continent face. We believe true wealth in health and health equity.

Vision and Mission

Our Operations

Masobode Health Consultants does not only employ experienced and qualified people but also consults subject matter experts from time to time in order for it to deliver true value for its clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Masobode Health Consultants aims to change people’s lives by proving world class occupational and environmental health research based consulting services. We go beyond compliance and we believe in providing value for our clients. We offer solutions which are tailor made for our client’s needs and not just generic information based on regulations. Our main goal is to help employers create a working environment that is safe and free of any health hazards that may lead to ill-health or cause occupational diseases.

Our Values

Masobode Health Consultants always strives to hold the following values in the conduction of its business at all times:
 Integrity
 Intelligence
 Innovation
 Continuous growth and development