About Us

Masobode Health Consultants Pty Ltd is a Public Health consulting company which specializes Monitoring and Evaluation for the private and public sector as well as the social sector. We assist our clients with establishing monitoring systems for their programs. monitoring and evaluation as a tool provide organizations with the ability to be very specific about their impact and successes. Donors and investors may require monitoring and evaluation systems to be in place to objectively get information about the outputs, outcomes and impact of their investments, grants or donations. We work with our clients in order to provide direction and expertise in M&E that will ensure that their policies, projects or programmes deliver the required outputs, outcomes and impact. On the other hand, we help them, get more funding or attract more investment by objectively showing the impact of their policies, projects and programmes. We assist our clients to see the blind spots and assist them with solutions that speak to their challenges, budgets, socio-economic and political context. With a wide network of experts in M&E we are a one-stop shop for all your M&E needs. Governments, companies and Non-Profit Organizations require M&E for the following reasons: Management decision-making, organisational learning, accountability, soliciting support for programmes, supporting advocacy and promoting transparency (Public Service Commission, 2008).

MHC also offers comprehensive Occupational Health Risk Assessments (OHRA), as well as Occupational/Industrial Hygiene advisory services. We assist companies with providing a business case for their programmes and ensure that their programmes achieve their intended outcomes and impact while ensuring programme effectiveness and efficiency. We assist companies to reduce the costs of occupational diseases, protect worker health, ensure zero harm, and reduce occupational health and hygiene related audit findings and to close audit actions while ensuring continuous improvement of their systems and programmes. We are propelled by the challenges of health inequity, poverty and inequality that our country and the African continent face. We believe true wealth in health and health equity.

Vision and Mission

Our Operations

Masobode Health Consultants does not only employ experienced and qualified people but also consults subject matter experts from time to time in order for it to deliver true value for its clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Masobode Health Consultants aims to change people’s lives by proving world class occupational and environmental health research based consulting services. We go beyond compliance and we believe in providing value for our clients. We offer solutions which are tailor made for our client’s needs and not just generic information based on regulations. Our main goal is to help employers create a working environment that is safe and free of any health hazards that may lead to ill-health or cause occupational diseases.

Our Values

Masobode Health Consultants always strives to hold the following values in the conduction of its business at all times:
 Integrity
 Intelligence
 Innovation
 Continuous growth and development